A group purchase discount is offered on a ticket package of your choice. Aticket face value of $85 is offered at a significant discounted price. Thesetickets will be season tickets, which means any ticket holder can go on thewebsite and register onto any of the 200+ cruises for their one-timeredemption.

Special logo placement on the website which will give marketing exposure toanyone who visits the website for information, registering their season ticketor buying tickets for an event. An estimated audience of 100,000+ is expectedat the festival with an additional audience which visits Pioneer Cruiseswebsite for their Private Charters.

Depending on the package, the number of tickets you receive will becustomized to your company or personal choice with your company logo.It will help you attain ownership of the ticket and an added brand value.These season tickets can be resold with margin or bedistributed as client or staff appreciation and alsowithin friends and family.

It will add value to the brand, promotion of sponsors and indirect marketing:when people take pictures in front of media walls and post on social media.The media wall will be on 200+ cruises.

A video ad, provided by the client will be played on led screens on boardwhich are very eye-catching and aesthetic. Please note that boats arecompact and screens are set up at eye levels. It is a very significant exposurefor brand awareness, product education and even a product launch.

An associate logo will be featured on all our print paper ads for PioneerHarbourfest. This includes flyer distribution on platforms such as parking lots,special events and on-board cruises. This feature will help you get exposureto thousands of people.

Social Media is a key tool used for advertisements by PioneerCruises. Your logo will be featured on our social mediaplatforms including Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn. Paidadvertisements are run on a daily basis. An association onan ad or post of ours will get you tons of exposure.

Your company will be promoted through special announcements by the DJon 200+ cruises. For example, “the song is brought to you by ABC realtors,”which features your company tagline.

Every month a special cruise will be featured by your company name. Allmarketing collateral for the event will carry the company name & logo.

The Title sponsor gets to be the top sponsor for a season-longcampaign. It’s also an additional opportunity to have their logoplaced on all season tickets, whether purchased online orthrough personalized converts